BBFC Age Certificate

By Joe Owen

Age Certificate Rating:

For our Neo-Noir film, we have decided upon an age rating of 15. Many aspects of our Film Noir has warranted this decision rather than a 12 or an 18 rating.
There are things which our film will include that makes it too explicit for it to be a lower 12 rating. These things are: the excessive use of strong/derogatory language such as f*** and s***, however if we were to use a worse word like c*** then it would have to be an 18. Drug use, the drug will be feature is the use of cocaine. We are therefore showing the effects of it, but not promoting the use or encouraging drug misuse, which makes our film a 15. A film such as ‘Adulthood’ has used cocaine and has still been rated 15, which is also why we believe our film should be a 15 also. And finally violence, we are showing violence, yet we are not dwelling on the infliction of pain or injury, because stronger gory images would make the film an 18.

Taking these factors into account, means that overall our film will be certificate 15.


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