First draft script


Henry Beaumont-Hill

Script- Draft #1 Ext. LS of streets and alleyways at night Ext. LS of pub with lights on inside Ext./Int. Multiple MLS of Hitman through windows of pub (feeling of being watched) ECU of beer, camera following the beer as Hitman drinks it ECU of lower half of Hitman’s face (below eyes) MLS of Hitman getting up and moving to the toilet MS/CU of Stranger 1, snorting cocaine in toilets LS of Hitman standing at toilet entrance, Stranger 1 barges past Hitman  MS PAN of Hitman walking to urinal LS of Hitman from behind, having a wee Ext. ECU of Boss’ feet walking along the path, towards pub LS cuts back to Hitman washing his hands Ext./Int. MS of Boss walking into pub LS of Hitman drying hands LS of Boss sitting down next to hitman’s original seat MS of Hitman walking out of toilet, seeing Boss  CU of Hitman looking out of window LS out of window,of car with lights on ELS of Hitman walking towards original seat and sitting down next to Boss MS of Hitman and Boss sitting next to eachother


“Havent seen you in a while…”


“How are you, how have you been”


“Still have trouble living with myself, the sleepless nights, the sort of shit you wouldn’t know about”


“Glad to hear that you haven’t changed. there are things called razors you know?”


“is that all you came for? because id quite like to finish my pint in peace”


“I have another job for you, another hit”


“i told you, i’m out the game”


“you’re not out till i say you’re out”


“i cant go back to that life now, its too late”


“i dont think you understand the situation”


“i dont need to…”


“do you really think you have a fucking choice?!

You still owe me one more hit, and you’ll do it, no questions asked.


CU of Envelope pushed towards hitman by Boss


“either take him out, or the tables will turn”

LS of Boss getting up off of stool

MS of Boss walking out of pub

LS of Hitman in deep thought at the bar

CU of Hitman opening envelope and sliding half the picture out of envelope



EXT. ELS of Hitman at bar through window

 Jowen, Hally, Woody, Henry


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