By Tom Hall


Playing the Role of ‘Hitman’ – Jona Woodward

The Hitman needs to be Caucasian, pale skinned to reflect the cold-blooded killer he is. Aged between 50-55. Must be dressed in formal wear, a suit, to show professionalism but can also show elements of hard work (i.e. low tie, worn shoes, facial stubble). Little personality, quiet and subtle but outspoken when provoked. Works under orders of the mob boss and goes by what he says. Role is suitable for Jona as he exemplifies an ageing hitman wanting to retire and get out of his dirty line of work.


Playing the Role of ‘Boss’ – Steve Hussey

Mob Boss needs to look superior and powerful. Possesses a strongly defined jaw and stocky build from past involvement in the army. Aged around 60 years old, he must dress respectably and look of extreme importance. Dressed in a black expensive suit with a matching coat. Beginning to show signs of stress of involvement in crime (grey hairs, wrinkles). Intelligent, clever and always revolving around business/money talk. Volatile character, easily up setted but gets jobs done. Hitman carries out his orders and whatever he says: basically doing his dirty work. Steve’s stocky frame and tough-guy look makes him perfect as a superior to the hitman. In addition to this, his facial expressions and appearance in a suit makes his look very serious and a seemingly dangerous character.


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